Miami toll roads map

Toll roads in Miami map. Miami toll roads map (Florida - USA) to print. Miami toll roads map (Florida - USA) to download. The Miami Turnpike, known as the Ronald Reagan Turnpike, encompasses 483 miles of toll roads that make traveling more efficient because of fewer exits and less traffic. Toll Roads in Miami: Some interstate highways have tolls as its shown in Miami toll roads map. Besides the Florida Turnpike (Ocala to Homestead), Alligator Alley (1-75 between Miami and Naples) and the Bee Line Expressway (Orlando to Cape Canaveral) also charge tolls. In addition, some coastal islands have bridges at which a fare is charged. Paying by Toll-By-Plate: Where all-electronic tolling is in effect, you can pay by this method. A camera takes a picture of your license plate, and you are mailed a bill for tolls plus a $2.50 service charge.

Toll roads in Miami map

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Paying with SunPass: If you have a SunPass, it is scanned by an electronic reader and tolls are deducted from your prepaid account. It discounts tolls about 25 percent and saves substantial time at toll booths. Uni, a product of Florida E-PASS, lets you travel nonstop through 18 states with just one toll account as you can see in Miami toll roads map. It works on all toll roads and most bridges in these states: Florida, Maryland, Rhode Island, Indiana, Georgia, Delaware, Illinois, North Carolina, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maine, West Virginia, New York, Ohio.
The major toll roads and bridges along with links to maps displaying where they are located and current toll rates so you can factor them into your travel planning (Note - you may have to scroll down as some of the links point to multiple toll facilities). Florida Turnpike - Mainline: This is the major toll road cutting through the heart of Florida from northwest of Orlando running southeast to below Miami as its mentioned in Miami toll roads map. Florida Turnpike - Homestead Extension (HEFT): This toll road cuts around Miami connecting Interstate 95 in the north to Homestead south of Miami. Tollsmart works like Google Maps but with tolls, so simply enter that starting and ending location and the Tollsmart for app will calculate the cost of tolls, and let you know how much you will save using a transponder like Florida SunPass.