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Map of Brickell Miami. Brickell map Miami (Florida - USA) to print. Brickell map Miami (Florida - USA) to download. Brickell (pronounced "BRICK-uhl") is an urban neighborhood in Miami, Florida, United States as its shown in Brickell map Miami. Along with Downtown, Brickell is Miami and South Florida major financial district. Brickell is also a dense, high-rise residential neighborhood with many upscale, luxury condominium and apartment towers. Referred to as the "Manhattan of the South", Brickell is home to the largest concentration of international banks in the United States, mostly along Brickell Avenue, Brickell's main north-south avenue and along Miami Avenue, home to many popular Miami restaurants, shops and places of entertainment. A few hundred feet east of the northeastern side of Brickell is Brickell Key, a gated island of upscale, high-rise residential and hotel towers. As of 2009, over 190,000 office employees work in Downtown and Brickell.

Map of Brickell Miami

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Brickell lies south of the Miami River, extending south to SE 26th Road (the Rickenbacker Causeway), and is mostly mixed financial and residential north of Broadway, and mostly residential south of Broadway as its mentioned in Brickell map Miami. Brickell is home to approximately 17,500 year-round residents. The area of Brickell south of Broadway and is mainly low and mid-rise residential buildings west of Brickell Avenue and high-rise residential to the east of Brickell Avenue. This area of Brickell includes the "Millionaires Row" section of Brickell Avenue, home to many expensive residences, and home to many of Miami most expensive apartments and condominiums, as well as some iconic Miami skyscrapers, such as the Atlantis Condominium.