Miami downtown map

Map of downtown Miami. Miami downtown map (Florida - USA) to print. Miami downtown map (Florida - USA) to download. Downtown Miami is the central business district of South Florida, Miami-Dade County and Miami, Florida as its shown in Miami downtown map. Brickell Avenue/Biscayne Boulevard is the main north-south road in downtown, and Flagler Street is the main east-west road in the Central Business District. As of 2009, there are approximately 60,000 year-round residents in Downtown (including neighboring Brickell). As of 2009, over 190,000 office employees work in Downtown and Brickell. Downtown, or sometimes referred to as the "Central Business District", is the area north of Broadway, east of I-95, and south of 17th Terrace. Inside of this area includes Park West, the area due west of Bicentennial Park and northern Brickell. Other areas that are many times adjoined with Downtown is the area to the north: Midtown, which is north of 17th Terrace and Brickell to the south.

Map of downtown Miami

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Downtown Miami is generally and roughly bounded by NE 20th St to the north, Broadway (SE 15th Rd) to the south, Biscayne Bay to the east, and I-95 to the west. The Central Business District, or what is traditionally called "Downtown" is the area north of the Miami River and south of I-395 as its mentioned in Miami downtown map. Within this area, is where the majority of Downtown historical buildings are, the main shopping street, Flagler Street, as well as the vast majority of government offices and courthouses. Although many times labeled under the umbrella term of "Downtown Miami", Brickell and Edgewater are two distinct neighborhoods. Brickell is south of the Miami River, and is a mixed upper-class residential neighborhood as well as Miami major financial district. Edgewater is almost exclusively residential and is north of I-395 bound by Biscayne Bay to the east and NE 1st Ave. However, Edgewater is sometimes labeled as part of Midtown Miami.
Downtown Miami is home to many city, county, state, and federal courthouses, jails, judge offices, and law firms as you can see in Miami downtown map. Some of the courthouses in Downtown are the Dade County Family Court, U.S. Court of Appeals Judge, U.S. District Court Clerk, Miami-Dade County Courthouse, Federal Courthouse, U.S. Magistrate Judge, City of Miami courthouses and many others. The United States Postal Service operates two post offices in Downtown. They are the Brickell Post Office and the Flagler Miami Post Office. The Federal Detention Center, Miami, operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, is located in Downtown Miami. Several countries have consulates- general based in Downtown, many of which are located along Biscayne Boulevard. They include those of: Argentina,Bahamas,Brazil,Chile, Dominican Republic,Ecuador,France,Germany,Guatemala,Haiti,Israel (Consulate-General of Israel to Florida & Puerto Rico),Jamaica, Japan,Netherlands,Consulate-General of Paraguay in Miami, Peru, United Kingdom, Venezuela.